Music Morsels - October 2001
Music Morsels - October 2001
  • Crossroads - Tommy Skeoch of Tesla
  • Industry Profile - Josh Moore of Jomo Entertainment
  • Unsigned Band Spotlight - Wendy Jans of Gravity Crush

This month's Crossroads feature interview
This month's Industry Profile

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October, 2001
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1. CROSSROADS - Tommy Skeoch of TESLA by Mark E. Waterbury

2. INDUSTRY PROFILE - Josh Moore - JOMO ENTERTAINMENT by Mark E. Waterbury

3. ALBUM CAPSULES - Tesla, Gravity Crush, Avenue Max, Remember Rome, Brass kitten, Balance of Power, David Fiorenza by Mark E. Waterbury


5. QUIPS & QUOTES - Stories & Sayings to keep you motivated in your music career

6. UNSIGNED BAND SPOTLIGHT - Wendy Jans of GRAVITY CRUSH by Mark E. Waterbury

7. MUSIC BIZ NEWS AND OPPORTUNITIES - compiled by Sandy Serge

8. MUSIC INDUSTRY MARKETING SHOWCASE - the latest and greatest music industry products and services



1. CROSSROADS.......... Tommy Skeoch of Tesla by Mark E. Waterbury by Mark E. Waterbury
Pivotal moments in musicians careers propelling them from obscurity to infamy

Nikola Tesla, brilliant inventor considered by many science aficionados as the true father of electricity also had his own eccentricities. Perhaps that has some parallels to the hard-driving rock band that took his name. Tesla, the fivesome from Sacramento, California, had that touch of brilliance, enough to produce six highly-regarded albums that sold a total of fourteen million copies and produced two top-10 hits. They had that bit of inventiveness, an ironically non-electrical one considering the pedigree of their namesake. And there was the eccentricities, the problems that arose within that band that would culminate in the firing of guitarist Tommy Skeoch due to his substance abuse, and eventually the dismantling of the band altogether. And now as Nikola Tesla's works and contributions to the modern way of life have been receiving greater aplomb and recognition over the years - a sort of rebirth for a man who passed from this world decades ago - the band that bears his name is also reborn, and appears to have put aside the problems that tore them apart, leaving them free and clear to rock a new millennium of fans.

As a youngster growing up in Sacramento, Tommy Skeoch was introduced to art in general by his mother, who was a painter. She tried to get Tommy to try painting as well, but that form of art did not take with him, so she tried a different direction. "My mother always tried to get me into any kind of artistic or creative thing to do, and she rented an electric guitar and amp for me," Tommy remembers. "And ever since I tried it, I just started fantasizing about it. The next Christmas she bought me one so I was hooked. That's also when I realized what I wanted to do, everything about it turned me on." Tommy started playing professionally in his late teens, performing in several area bands. He had heard of another guitarist named Frank Hannon and bassist Brian Wheat who were in a band from South Sacramento. Brian and Frank had also heard of Tommy, and the three wound up jamming together several times. "You have your little isolated local scene like who's the bad-ass guitar player in town. And Frank had a lot of people talking about him because he was only fifteen at the time and was a really good guitar player. And he and Brian really dug my style and what I was all about."

Eventually the other guitarist in Frank and Brian's band left, paving the way for Tommy to join. Adding vocalist Jeff Keith and drummer Troy Luccketta, the band originally called itself City Kidd, but later changed its name to Tesla. With the pieces all in place, the band faced a tough road at first. They wanted to play original music, but the local music scene was not very conducive to that. "A lot of the clubs back then wanted cover songs. You played five sets a night, five nights a week; that was the gig. It was good money and doing the thing you want to do, but it was playing other people's songs. We were one of the first bands that started to break out of that and start introducing original songs into what we were doing. And before we knew it, people were coming to see us on the integrity of our own songs."

Tesla's popularity in the area began to grow, and they started sending demos off to label reps and managers. Geffen records would eventually sign the band, releasing their debut "Mechanical Resonance" in 1986. The album began selling very well, and Tesla started touring, supporting acts like Alice Cooper and David Lee Roth. Tesla was managed by Peter Mensch and Cliff Bernstein at Q-Prime, and they put the band on a nine month tour with another Q-Prime band, Def Leppard, who became friends with the fledgeling band during the tour. "They were our idols when we were growing up. I remember getting that first Def Leppard album and looking at the back of it and I just loved it." "Mechanical Resonance" hit number 32 on the Billboard charts, and the follow-up album "The Great Radio Controversy" would produce the first top ten hit "Love Song." Then in 1990, Tesla put out a live album of acoustic songs with toned-downed drums called "Five Man Acoustical Jam". An acoustic set had become part of Tesla's live show, and even though other rock bands had done acoustic shows within a show before, the commercial acceptance of this album helped clear the way for a number of heavier bands recording "unplugged" albums over the next decade and beyond. "It was not even a planned or conscious thing. A lot of it was we were going on a tour with Motley Crue and there were times they were going to be taking (time) off and we would be stuck doing nothing for about a week. Instead of going home and packing up, we'd do some acoustic shows. It was kind of Peter Mensch's idea. He thought it would be a fun thing to do. We just did it and turned some heavier songs into bluesier songs. It ended up being a huge hit, but it was kind of a fluke."

Their cover of the Five Man Electrical Band song "Signs" became their second top-10 hit and helped solidify Tesla as a top rock act. The next album "Psychotic Supper" was followed by a headlining tour and included the song "Song and Emotion" in tribute to Def Leppard's guitarist Steve "Steamin'" Clark who had died after years of substance abuse. "It was devastating," Tommy recalls. "Steve was really one of the main focuses for me. From their first record on, he was a f**kin' rock star, with the attitude and everything. And I like playing guitar and being creative, but I also dig the attitude of the rock star trip. Not being an asshole or any of that stereotypical thing, but just some kind of suave coolness, and Steve had it. We were really bummed out, so we wrote that song."

Tesla continued to record and tour over the next few years, releasing "Bust a Nut" in 1994 and a best of collection entitled "Time's Makin' Changes" But some of the rock star attitudes were beginning to take their toll on the band, and Tommy was fired from Tesla in 1996. "We were all drug addicts. Troy had cleaned up his act by then but I was out of control by 95, and they fired me. I went to rehab, came back, got fired again because I wasn't done. Here's this band that I had been working hard in for ten years and now I'm out of it. Now that was a f**ked up trip. It was bad for the band four months later without me and then they broke up. But I never thought we'd all get back together again."

Tommy put one brief band together and then worked with a solo artist's project. That artist succumbed to his own drug problems, but his drummer and bassist joined Tommy as well as Jeff Keith in a band called Bar Seven. Bar Seven released an album and toured, but at one point during a tour, Tommy left the tour after having an argument with Jeff. At that time Frank Hannon was playing in a band called Moon Dog Mane, and when Jeff asked him to replace Tommy in Bar Seven, Frank jumped at the chance. "I think Frank realized what he was missing - playing with Jeff and seeing how great that can be," Tommy reflects. "We were getting good crowds with a lot of Tesla fans and we were having good success with it. At the same time, there was a DJ in Sacramento who had been trying to get us to do reunion shows for three years. He called again, and we were said, 'OK, let's try this now. Tommy put down your guns, and everyone put away your animosities and let's see how much we've grown up'. The first time we got together just to rehearse, the magic and chemistry we had as five individuals was amazing, I never experienced it ever before."

The magic continued as Tesla played their first reunion show - a sold-out performance in their home town Sacramento - and then they embarked on a tour, finding quickly that many of their fans had never left them. As a result of the success of the reunion tour, Tesla recently released a live 2 CD set called "RePlugged Live" on their new label Sanctuary Records. They are also starting to write together and are looking forward to returning to the studio to record a CD of new Tesla material in the not-too-distant future. Tommy still likes a certain part of the party atmosphere of being in a rock band. But he has kicked the hard drugs that had contributed to his dismissal from Tesla, and keeps things under control as he and his band mates look forward to the bright future of their rebirth. "I just try to keep my life more in control. There's some kind of rebel in me that refuses to let me live by an AA code or whatever, even though I respect what groups like that try to do. Now I may drink a little or smoke a little, but I don't go overboard anymore. I've got a family to support and I've got a great band. We're back together again and no one wants to f**k that up. Sure, there are problems here and there in the band, but there's a lot more acceptance. We are the guys we are and there's a lot more respect and understanding and tolerance. We talk - we communicate now. We did not do that towards the breakup. We just kind of shut down and wouldn't talk. It's a lot different and a lot better now." :->


2. INDUSTRY PROFILE - Josh Moore of Jomo Entertainment by Mark E. Waterbury

Anyone who knows modern rock and roll knows about Athens, Georgia. The reputation of this town that has produced acts the likes of R.E.M., The B52s and Widespread Panic along with an always thriving local scene has long been considered one of the top college music hotbeds in the country. But beyond the famous and not yet famous bands that have emanated from this north Georgia hamlet, there are the folks behind the scenes, many nearly as responsible for the success of this town as the musicians themselves.

Josh Moore knew that Athens was a hot music town. Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Josh had already become a huge fan of live music, witnessing hometown heroes in the making the Dave Matthews Band play at a local Richmond club every Wednesday night. He would also spend time doing some leg work for local bands by hanging posters and getting the word out about them. When it came time to go to college, he chose the University of Georgia, where he originally majored in business and eventually switched to psychology so he could get out of school earlier. "I visited Athens with a friend's older brother," Josh remembers. "And I just loved it. It seemed like it was a city built around clubs - with so many local bands and record stores. It drew me to go to school there."

While at the University of Georgia, a cousin of Josh's who worked for Mammoth Records knew some friends with a booking agency in Athens called Madison House. Josh began interning for the company, which booked fledgling bands like String Cheese Incident and Galactic. Josh interned for a couple of years with Madison House, and learned the ropes of the booking aspect of the music business. "I spent all my free time there, working forty or fifty hours a week for free. I was Mike Luba's assistant. He is the manager of String Cheese Incident and is also one of the best agents in the country. I just hung around and listened to him talk on the phone and watched how he did things. Mike's a brilliant guy and just working near him I learned a lot." Madison House would eventually relocate to Boulder, Colorado. Josh was still in school at the time and had originally planned on moving to Boulder when he finished. Due to his desire to remain in the music business, Josh promoted a show with the band Galactic who were all friends of his. Galactic sold out the Georgia Theater and that helped solidify what Josh had already known - that he wanted to be a concert promoter instead of a booking agent. "A booking agent sells a band and I didn't like the idea of selling a band, getting as much money as possible and telling someone a band is worth more than what they are. But I felt with buying shows and putting on events, you could be much more creative. Working for the agency, I spoke with promoters and talent buyers all over the country and did a lot of work with them, so that's what I wanted to do."

Jomo Entertainment was launched, with Josh handling the largest portion of the company's work. Josh began booking numerous shows in Athens and over the three years of Jomo's existence has also branched out to promoting shows in most of the venues in Atlanta and other southeastern markets such as Nashville. Josh is alsos trying to expand to other markets. Along with promoting shows with popular national and regional acts, Jomo also likes to get baby bands out in front of the Athens music crowd. "My favorite thing is developing a band, taking a band that is not worth anything here and building them over time. I feel like we were part of growing String Cheese Incident's popularity. They started drawing less than a hundred people and now we just put tickets on sale for their show coming up in November and sold three thousand the day they went on sale. There's a lot of bands that I feel we've helped grow their fan base over time."

Down the road, Josh would like to find that "perfect band" to manage, would like to work with festivals and would also like to own a venue someday, preferably an outdoor one. But for the time being, he continues to work hard to bring top notch shows to one of the country's most demanding and well-known markets. Witnessing the results of his labor is always a high point for Josh. "It's always great to walk right out and see how happy people are at shows. It's just that feeling you get knowing you put this event on and created this. It's definitely not for the money." :->


3. ALBUM CAPSULES by Mark E. Waterbury

Tesla - RePlugged Live
Sanctuary Records - 06076 84520-2
The latest of the 80's era of melodic rock masters to make a comeback, Tesla's double live CD "RePlugged" is instant gratification capturing the raw energy of this Sacramento, California fivesome's concerts. The twenty songs run the gamut of Tesla's hard driving, melodic and slightly bluesy styles, and are presented with the same vigor as they had when they first burst on the scene some fifteen years ago. There are the power ballads like "Love Song" and "We're No Good Together" laced with gritty rockers such as "Heaven's Trail" and "Edison's Medicine." as well as the obligatory hit "Signs" done with a more electric fervor. Along with the hits are edgier tracks like "Mama's Fool", "Freedom Slaves" and the toe-tapping acoustic ditty "Summer's Day". You can almost feel a happiness amongst the band members of being back on the stage together after a five year absence, and that should bode well for the new material that will be forthcoming at some point. But in the mean time, crank up "RePlugged" and rock out! URL:

Gravity Crush - Self-Titled
The first full length CD by this quartet from Cedar Falls, Iowa proves that its members had learned well from earlier experiences in other bands, as there is a level of maturity not normally found this early in a baby-band's life. Driven by the powerful vocals of Wendy Jans, and the versatile and sometimes blistering guitar work of Chris Hadman, the music is laden with poppy hooks but intertwined smartly with edgy power. Think 10,000 Maniacs with a bit of Veruca Salt toughness and Tori Amos sweetness. "In Your Shadow" is a hauntingly emotive ballad, while "Fade Away" shows a brash slightly punk side. Then there are songs like the hook driven "As I Am" and "Darkest Day" both of which would fit well on radio stations these days. The band also does a great turn with a fiery version of the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black." Gravity Crush's sound is solidly fleshed out by the rhythm tandem of bassist Tom Parker and drummer Dan Tannehill. Add into this mix the simple intelligence of the lyrics and well-crafted song structures and Gravity Crush shows that they may have what it takes to turn heads and ears towards their little corner of America's heartland. Email: URL:

Avenue Max - It's Tonight
When you hear the first track "It's Tonight" from this Chicago band, you do think of fellow Windy City rockers Styx right off the band, but Styx in their more progressive, less poppy phase. The music is still hooky, but it has a near new-age undercurrent along with some solid but not overdone harmonies. Singer/songwriter/producer Robert Mackey has a voice reminiscent of Foreigner's Lou Gramm, lending a great flavor to the music. You also can feel the influence of other artists like Peter Gabriel, King Crimson and even a bit of Steely Dan. Listen to the dramatic but not bombastic ballad "I Am The Rock", and the snappy groove of "Secret" and you see some other sides of the musical equation. Other interesting efforts include the three part song "The River" and the powerful instrumental "Secret Introlude". The CD has an overall mellow vibe, but with a lively intensity that keeps the listener in its grasp. The solid musicianship and retro but keen songwriting perspective make for an all-around enjoyable musical journey. E-mail: URL:

Remember Rome - La Bocca della Verita (The Mouth of Truth)
This second CD from Chicago trio Remember Rome takes the sounds of the street markets in ancient Rome and gives them a modern rock flavor. The music is acoustic, with only tasteful percussion usually in the form of congas and muted cymbal crashes, but the musical path is blazed by violin more from the Robbie Steinhardt (Kansas) school as well as classically strummed guitar. The emotive storytelling vocals bring to mind Fred Schnieder and a hint of Andy Partridge, and they actually do tell stories, giving the music an intellectual edge. Definitely unplugged music, but you can feel a modern rock soul to the music on several tracks. These are all talented players, and they keep their edge by also breathing extraordinary life into music that could be kind of stuffy if it was not handled by people of passion. A great CD that really makes the listener want to...well...listen! E-mail: URL:

Brass Kitten - Across America
Nightmare Records
When you hear the melodic hard rock fire of the lead track "Crossfire", you may think instantly that this is a throwback to the late 80's/early 90's. But that is because that is when this album was actually written. Brass Kitten was popular in that era, but "Across America" was never released due to a serious motorcycle accident involving bassist Kellie Roulette. With his recovery in doubt, the members disbanded and went on to various other bands in the upper Midwest. But Kellie has recovered, the band is back, and the music is ironically timely considering the resurgence of this type of rock as of late. Strongly reminiscent of bands like Skid Row, Ratt and Cinderella, the music is laden with searing guitars, pounding rhythms, powerful hooks and soaring vocals. It does not really stand out from their peers but it is very solid and plain old good rockin' music, and when you consider what it took to finally get "Across America" on the streets, an amazing little story in its own right. E-mail: URL:

Balance of Power - Perfect Balance
Nightmare Records
"Perfect Balance" is the fourth release by this progressive metal outfit, and the title may be a very apt one. Unique in the fact that unlike most prog bands they rely on guitars instead of keyboards to give that signature prog feeling, they do it to great effect with the slight nod towards Yngwie and Stratovarious. There are some choice keyboard licks as well as other orchestrations added in at key spots but the twin guitar assault form Pete Southern and Bill Yates are at the forefront. Guitars effects are liberally used to give an almost keyboard effect, but most of the personality is derived from dramatic soloing married with bone crushing rhythms. Lance King's vocals are like James LaBrie on James Hetfield, easily flowing from soaring drama to throaty growl. The rhythm powerplant explodes from bassist Tony Ritchie and drummer Lionel Hicks. The music has a certain personality, going from in-your face like and L.A. Guns to intricate power like Dream Theater. What more can you say about progressive rock bands as it seems like more and more are popping up these days. But if they have immense talents - and Balance of Power does - then the more the merrier, and the louder! E-mail: URL:

David Fiorenza - Go Ahead ... Ignore Me
Blind Cat Music
A singer/songwriter from the Philly area, David Fiorenza's first full length CD will not cause anyone to ignore him. With a slightly lilting voice, like Billy Bragg on Neil Young, he puts great feeling into singing the thought-provoking stories that he has penned, to great effect in tunes like "Play 4 U" and "Here On You". He also proves to be a solid musician, with sweet uniquely country-tinged instrumentals like "Gua's Way" and "If I Could". His strong suit is that he can't really be pigeonholed with your country or folk singer/songwriters nor does he really fit in with the more modern pop-alternative types usually backed with full bands. But he slyly weaves influences from the aforementioned styles into music you know is truly coming from his heart, soul and brain, with a healthy dose of guts as well. This makes the music of David Fiorenza the type that can be savored by anyone who enjoys singer/songwriters simply because they are just that; singers and songwriters. URL: :->



Poet - Writer - Singer - Friend

As the old saying goes, losses of life in the music business usually come in threes. But in this case, the industry has lost five great influences - namely Perry Como, Chet Atkins, Jonny Russell (who wrote "Act Naturally" and "Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer"), John Hartford ("Gentle on my Mind"), and most recently another close friend Fred Neil.

It was early 1960 when I was Guy Mitchell's musical director and we had a two-week gig at the famous Copa club in New York City. Guy's manager's office was headquartered in Brill Building and during the day, I would hang out in the Joy Music offices, meeting (and writing) with various new talents I had met. As I was leaving the building on our night off, I happened to run into one of my idols per se...the gifted Doc Pomus whose songs are too numerous to mention..."Whatcha doin tonight?" he asked, and I said, "Not a thing". Then Doc said, "We've got to write a song for Elvis' new movie so I'll meet you in the Hill and Range office at 7PM. What an invitation that was! And you bet I was there on time. Three hours later, we had two songs finished and then I asked about a demo singer. Doc made one phone call and a young fella who had just come to New York showed up. It was Fred Neil. We sang him the songs and he (apparently) loved 'em because he learned both of them in less than 15 minutes.

The next morning, Doc, myself, Fred and a piano player showed up at 10AM at the Dick Charles Studios and Fred did a great job on the vocals. In fact, he did two versions of what we felt was the "Elvis-friendly" song titled "One Heart". Sadly, because of non-overnight mail in those days, the songs arrived in L.A. three days late and didn't make the movie. The song is on a series of tapes I'm making for Music Morsels and I even went further to state that I was with Elvis some years later and asked him if he ever heard "One Heart"? Elvis said, "No", then passed me his guitar and said, "Sing it". And wouldn't you know it... I couldn't remember the lyrics!!

At any rate, I invited both Doc and Fred to our show that night at the Copa and they both came. After the show, Fred said, "Let's go down to the village", and because I had never been, I jumped at the offer. We went from club to club, and Fred got up in many of them and just killed the audiences with his talent.

The last time I saw Fred was in L.A. when he came bursting in my office with a new tape. And when I played it, I was stunned because it was Harry Nilsson singing Fred's "Without You" - a masterpiece of a song. And as for Doc Pomus, I happened to be on stage in a New York club in the 80's with a local rock-a-billy named Robert Gordon. After our first song, I heard a voice bellowing from the audience "Scotty!!!" It was good ol' Doc, and we spent some quality time together.

As for the song "One Heart", it was recorded twice in the last two years - one cut by Dennis Marsh (New Zealand) and the other by Colin Cook - a well-respected rocker from Australia. I wish Doc and Fred could have heard the cuts! :->



Stories & Sayings to keep you motivated in your career

Look up and not down, look forward and not back, look out and not in. Lend a hand. - Edward Everett Hale

May persons have the wrong idea about what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. - Helen Keller

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. - Confucius

Remember that someone, somewhere is practicing, and when you meet him, he will win. - Edward Macauley

Once a human being arrives on this earth, communication is the largest single factor determining what kinds of relationships he makes with others and what happens to him in the world about him. - Virginia Satir :->


6. UNSIGNED ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - Wendy Jans of Gravity Crush by Mark E. Waterbury

Iowa is not known as a musical hotbed. In fact, unless you're a band with a number of members wearing wild masks and jumpsuits, it's a pretty tough place to get noticed. Gravity Crush is from the town of Cedar Falls and is working hard to prove that great music can come out of the Hawkeye State. Lead singer Wendy Jans was in a country rock back called Ridin' Fences who did fairly well playing various fairs, fests and bars in the state. She then hooked up with Chris Hedman, Dan Tannehill and Tom Parker, whose own band Sphere had also done fairly well. The new combo was christened Gravity Crush, and in the past two years, their edgy brand of modern rock is already creating a stir amongst the cornfields. With the recent release of their first full-length CD, the band is gearing up for that tough road to an attempt at stardom, and a recent interview with Wendy Jans gives light to their road map for the trip.

MM: What inspired you to become a musician?

WJ: I've been singing almost all of my life. I grew up singing in my church and being in plays. I was involved in all the musical opportunities I could get my hands on, like show choirs and jazz choirs. It was just like second nature to me. It's what I do to keep myself alive.

MM: When you were in your country rock band that was fairly successful, what was it that drew you to Sphere, and what was it about you that drew the musicians in Sphere to you?

WJ: The guys in Sphere knew each other for a long time. Several of them grew up together. Sphere did really well. They won a Battle of the Bands in Cedar Falls which is really prestigious for where we are because there are some really excellent local bands around here. Then the lead singer left, and at that point I was in a different band, a cover band - doing weddings and private parties. I was a fan of Sphere's and followed them around a bit, so when I heard the singer was leaving, I jumped at the chance to audition for them. And they liked me so they chose me.

MM: Did your musical style mesh with theirs right away?

WJ: I think they're a little heavier than I am. But somehow it worked. I think that we're people who get along real well. We're good friends so we are able to overcome any sort of musical obstacles because we are able to talk it out and move forward.

MM: Did you start writing Gravity Crush music when you first joined the band, or were some of the songs from Sphere, or was it a combination of music from the two bands?

WJ: We started writing songs together when I joined, except of course "Paint It Black." At least one song "Overshadowed" Tom had written on his own and kind of kept in his back pocket. Some of the things that Tom wrote on his own may have come before Gravity Crush, but when we came together and started working on these songs, they evolved into something that is uniquely Gravity Crush. It has everyone's input.

MM: How have you seen your fan base grow in the past three years?

WJ: I know that we have a couple of hundred names on our mailing list, and we're doing real well. Everywhere we play we have people coming up to us and telling us they've heard about us and heard we were really good. Some traveled from another town to come see us. It's been really positive.

MM: Have you been playing much beyond your region yet?

WJ: We play pretty much in eastern Iowa. Our focus up to this point was to get enough money to record the CD. We weren't looking in the past to tour all over the country because we want to make money, and the best way to do that is to stick around here and build that up. Now that the CD is out, we're really focusing on getting that out to areas that we can't really even touch touring.

MM: What was your reaction the first time you listened to the finished product of the full-length CD?

WJ: We were all blown away. It's just amazing to hear all of our hard work in such a professional sounding recording with all the layers and the excellent talent we were able to bring in with other musicians and the harmonies. It's just amazing. It just came out last week and we're getting really good sales. For where we're at, we've sold quite a few already. This area that we're at is not like a hot spot for original music. People like cover songs so to sell a lot of CDs in this setting is a real challenge.

MM: How do you plan to get the CD out to the masses and increase awareness of the band?

WJ: Our manager is just doing an incredible job sending our CD to pretty much every web site that we come across. Trying to promote it and get a lot of play on We're going to be sending it to independent record labels and also majors. And we're sending it to every contact that we've ever come across in our lifetime. Basically trying to get it out there and putting it in stores, too.

MM: Looking back on your previous bands, do you feel that Gravity Crush is the band that you can take to the next level?

WJ: Yeah, I do. We all feel like this is it, this is now or never.

For more information on Gravity Crush, please visit their web site at


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Shine on!
Life, Health & Strength
Daivaras Urbonas
Music Manager
P.O. Box 581
5813 Klaipeda-13

I thought I'd pass this opportunity along to any girls that are singers. Myself, with two other producers, have written and put together a track for fun that we need a girl's voice for. If you are interested in auditioning, here's what you need to do:
1 - Go to: and see if you like the song and would be able to sing to it. It's very pop sounding...a hip hop/dance kind of beat, with a guitar riff similar to the one in that recent Madonna song. The verses are currently empty, but I'm singing the chorus.
2 - Send us a sample of your singing and a photo. You can e-mail it to . You can also e-mail it to me here at if you must and I'll get it to the other guys, but PLEASE don't send me anything too bulky because I have a SLOW modem! You can also snail mail a demo and photo to 3191 Davis Rd, Marietta, GA 30062. Finally, you can also just give us your web address so we can check it out there.
3 - To even be considered, you must have either access to Pro Tools (or a program that can be transferred to the Pro Tools format), or live close to and be willing to record in Atlanta. We can't afford to pay travel expenses, so that would be on you if you chose to do that.
Please understand that I do not have final say on anything - this is me with 2 other producers, all with very different tastes. And I may not even place myself in the position to help choose the singer, so the other 2 guys can decide themselves (I trust their tastes and judgment). So please don't be upset and please understand the position this places me please don't ask me for any favors or something....I'm sure you all understand;-) I just know that a good number of you are singers too, so I thought I'd pass it along......There is a good chance we may find a singer somewhere else too, you never please know this is just an opportunity to try.
Feel free to pass this on to anyone else you may know that might be interested in this opportunity too.
Thanks and good luck!
brett schieber

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