music morsels
April 2008


I was going to begin this message with something corny and cliché like "it is with great sadness and regret that I wish to inform you.....", but I've decided to refrain from getting all sentimental here. The truth is Music Morsels is no longer getting the support it requires to stay afloat in this ever-changing music business and distressed economy. There are a plethora of ezines and webzines out there that may be having some of the same challenges. Music Morsels was one of the first published with our print edition in September, 1995. We've kept this up for almost 13 years now, and writer Mark Waterbury and I both agree that it is time to focus our efforts and resources elsewhere. Serge Entertainment Group LLC, Music Morsels parent company, is growing and branching into some other areas whereas Music Morsels is losing ground. Therefore, it is time to shutter the Music Morsels division in its current form. We will no longer be publishing our ezine. After this April issue, we will put the webzine on indefinite hiatus. The archived issues will remain on the web for the time being and, at some point, we may begin a Music Morsels CD/DVD reviews blog. We may also provide coverage on the site for festivals and events our parent company is a part of. If this happens, we will notify all of our subscribers immediately.

Thank you to all of our writers and columnists who have contributed to Music Morsels throughout the years, especially Mark Waterbury, Scott Turner, Brad Pressman, Atty. Herman Hudson, and Atty. Charles Driebe, Jr.. We want to thank all of our devoted subscribers who stuck by us thoughout these past 12-1/2 years. We appreciate the support we received and all the wonderful comments about the ezine/webzine. We wish all of you luck with your music careers and if Music Morsels played just a small part in helping you further your careers, then, during our time in existence, we have fulfilled our purpose.

Best in life to all,
Sandy Serge, Editor
Music Morsels
September, 2005 - April, 2008

Division of Serge Entertainment Group