January 2006

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ALBUM CAPSULES by Mark E. Waterbury

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1. CD/DVD CAPSULES by Mark E. Waterbury

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Amun Ra - A Thousand Ticking Clocks Dead Inside Entertainment
With their sophomore effort, Bostons Amun Ra has honed their stew of rock, jazz, electronica and pop into a delectable feast of sounds. Let It Go has a sort of synth-wafted jazz vibe, followed by the edgy rock charged Bullet Train. Flatlining has a light alt feel tilting towards Coldplay and is a perfect vehicle for the vocal talents of Emily Shirley. Laced with catchy hooks and innovative musicianship, this new CD could catch the attention of a wider spread audience.
URL: http://www.amunramusic.com



Bad Boy - Live Northern Lights
Legend Records
  One of the Midwests most legendary rock acts Milwaukees Bad Boy has finally presented their fans with the gift of a live recording. The band infuses the energy of their concerts into the ten tracks spanning theirquarter century existence. Older rockers like Run From Yourself and Machines will get your fists pumping. More recent tunes Gotcha and the previously unreleased Dont Take It Personally show there is plenty of fuel left in their tank. Fans will really dig this no matter how often you have seen Bad Boy in concert.
URL: http://www.badboyrock.com

Barefoot Servants - 2
Atom Records - atom0805
  Veteran session legends Jon Butcher, Leland Sklar and Ben Schultz have returned for round two of this project after a ten year lapse, this time with Neal Wilkinson on drums. The result was worth the wait, with rock and roll that is undeniably just that...rock and roll. The music tends to be more acoustic guitar based with electrified rhythms. Even with the non youthful status of the project members there is a modern vigor to the music that rivals many young buzz bands today.
URL: http://www.barefootservants.net


Basement 3 - Fuzzyland
Merry Mole Music - MMM-B303
  The third CD from this project of veteran singer/songwriter/producer Kenny Schick holds your attention from start to finish. Moodyacoustic tracks like Pieces and Fall feel like a warped dance with John Lennon and Lyle Lovett. Games takes a modern tack on Zappa-esque jazz twisted rock. The title track is tortured bare bones blues like Bono possessed with John Lee Hookers soul. One of todays freshest new songsmiths who deserves more attention.
URL: http://www.basement3.com
E-mail: themerrymole@earthlink.net


Alan Bernhoft - Mrs Sippy Bone
Jaxalon Music - CDM2004L
  Jackson, MSs Alan Bernhoft takes Britinvasion influences from the Stones and the Beatles and jams a big ole punk foot up its ass. A touch of Delta blues creeps in the muddy One Girl and the 60s psychedelia inspired Im Crying Blood. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby is a raucous romp that sounds straight out of Liverpool instead of the Magnolia State. Tongue in cheek lyrics, leather clad vocals and a serious touch of fun further enhances this rockin disc.
URL: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd.bernhoft4
E-mail: sippybone@earthlink.net

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