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50 ALBUM CAPSULES - was your CD reviewed?? Read below to find out!

by Mark E. Waterbury

KriyaShakti - Enter the Dymensional Vortex
Celestial Light Recordings - 144,004
Brainchild of musicians Yakima Lee and Jeff Kincaid create music that seems to be living and breathing. Combined world, smooth jazz, new age, electronica, chanting and sly embellishments exude a very atmospheric recording with an uplifting and comforting effect. "Pallas Athena" has a hypnotic pulse with wicked, tasty guitar ejaculations. "Trip Hop" is a psychedelic sojourn with a subtle intensity. Very earthy music that will make you pause and reflect while you enjoy its creative qualities. URL: E-mail:

Lone Wolf James - Native Groove
New England singer/songwriter Lone Wolf James gives us songs with a gutsy rock groove, strong vocals and an Americana tinged feel. The title track has a hard-edged folk rock vibe that is mid-ground between acoustic and hard rock, and most of the album stays with different interpretations of that direction like toned-down Paladins or Four Horsemen with a sly touch of Bon Jovi. High points are Lone WolfÕs stellar vocal personalities from soulful roots rocker to slightly punk snarl, portraying gritty lyrics and solid songwriting. URL: E-mail:

Moses Guest - Self Titled
Aufheben Records - 6 16493 00332 1
This two CD album hooks you right at the start, with its blues and country-influenced rock grooves. There are some interesting forks in this fairly straight road, such as the psychedelic lead in on "How Does it Feel?" and the ensuing ambient Phishy jam of "In Transit." The mournful emotive blues of "Song For the Dead" is a stellar kick off to disc two which also includes the Allmanesque "EjahwÕs Path." Along with their jam band and southern influences is their ability to still allow you to kick back and listen to the thoughtful, often tongue-in-cheek lyrics. URL:

Nick - The Metrogrande Sessions
Alt rock singer/songwriter Nick DeMatteo shows great promise with his debut CD. His voice, having a timbre and inflection that harken to Bowie and Petty with a bit of Robyn Hitchcock, is used to inject further personality into the music. From the ambient moodiness of "On the One" to the edgy but hook-laced pop of "It's Almost Over" and the seething power groove of "The Same Way", Nick proves versatility both in instrumentation and sharp but not haughty lyrics with interesting eccentricities. URL: E-mail:

Charlson Ximenes - Collision Course
Vinardy Productions/Aqua Records - VINARDY002
Brazil-born Charlson Ximenes' debut solo album has a smooth, hooky sound that produces power from its emotion led by his excellent voice with keyboards in the forefront augmented by the guitar. "Scanning the Sky" feels a bit like Steely Dan and Moody Blues injected with a Hispanic guitar passage. "Can't Stay Away from Trouble" is a pop ballad with world percussion flavors and a slight whiff of reggae, while "Metallic Rose" has a mellow classic rock ballad feel with bursts of dramatic intensity. URL: E-mail:

Mozart Street - Self Titled
Big Bear Theory - BBT101
This band plays a wild stew of jazz, funk and progressive rock in a stripped-down environment that still creates a big sound with the great chops and fresh perspectives of the players. The frenetic sax work of Toby Veach carves his own style while guitarist Barry Bernhardt has plenty of chances to shine, with a stylistic nod in Steve Morse's direction. Bassist Mark Montgomery and Dean Pizzato drive solid but intricate rhythms, keeping a lively pace to the music from the fiery tenacity to the mellow grooves. URL: E-mail:

Matlock - Double 006
GBM Entertainment
New York rapper/songwriter/producer/label CEO Matlock proves that he wears all of these hats well with this killer debut. A subtle blend of R&B and gangsta rap provide a backdrop of power to Matlock's perfectly ingrained rap voice. He flawlessly spouts his brash, street-smart life experience poetry with more emotion than venom, being topical without relying on shock value. He breaks the typified rap mold to get his point across, driven by a solid rhythm groove that enhance the overall vibe. URL: E-mail:

No Illusion - Self titled
This foursome of ladies brings a different slant to the new wave of pop divas led by Britney and Christina. While the overall pop vibe is present, the use of their stellar voices in harmonic convergence really gives the music a lift beyond the usual homogenous path. The fiercely emotive R&B vibe on the ballad "Moving On" is a perfect foil to the more danceable tunes like the pulsing electronic jolted "No Illusion." This album toes a real mid-ground between pop queen and true R&B, with a healthy dose of talented vocal work. URL: E-mail:

Lender - Mind Games
Tube Club Recordings - TCR002
Three song EP from London's Lender raises eyebrows and opens your ears with its fresh mixture of alt rock and more classic styled prog rock. Influences run from grungy Soundgarden styled vibe with a jolt along the lines of Gentle Giant to fuzz guitar like what might happen if U2 went into a Hendrix phase. "Drunken" conversely has a more conventional alt hook to it. Interesting music because it takes retro stylings usually not used in alt rock, and still makes it sound like alt rock with plenty of guitar power and intense vocal work. URL: E-mail:

Miss Kristin - Trouble Child
Too High to Die Records
California singer/songwriter Miss Kristen blends snappy pop and folk rock with lyrics on the upbeat but still poignant side. Her sweet voice has a unique timbre, with inflections nodding towards a mix of Natalie Merchant, Ann Wilson and maybe a bit of Juice Newton. Songs like the sweetly pleading ballad "Imagination Man" and the hooky rocking "Shady Street" show diverse sides to her songwriting, while her passionate voice threads the musical picture together. Solidly unpretentious and enjoyable music. URL:

Erik Jay - 4 song sampler EP
This sweet blend of R&B, rock, smooth jazz and other flavorings from Chicago's Erik Jay has a hooky, feel good quality to it with solid musicianship to add to the enjoyment from the boogie groove of "Vertical" to the sultry female voiced croon of "My Last Tear." "Sambarmartino" kicks in an undercurrent of Latino flourishes to the jazzy feel and "For The Asking" has a kind of laid-back folk vibe - like drinking a smooth, luscious wine that has the right kick at the right time. URL: E-mail:

One Slack Mind - What was the Question?
Eraycer Records
Hard driving foursome from Virginia lights a nuclear fire under a slightly raw but still powerful debut. Full ahead guitar assault and thunderstorm rhythms are the blazing vehicle for vocals that sound like a mid-ground between Phil Anselmo and Gary Meskil. Musically this is not really new ground, with influences along the lines of Sacred Reich and Overkill. But it is just crank it up and blast it until your eardrums bleed metal that still provides enough subtle twists to realize these guys have solid potential. URL: E-mail:

Luke Holder - This was a Giant
Pirate Services - LH003
Amarillo, Texas singer/songwriter Luke Holder shows an astonishing worldliness for someone so young. A solid band playing music toying with various edges of folk, rock, blues, Americana and even psychedelic is a great vehicle for Luke's passionate voice which conveys emotion in a subtle way. His words carry unique perspectives on life experiences and true feelings, making you think of legends like Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt. Luke's music is so grippingly honest that he stands quite a distance from the posers in this genre. URL: E-mail:

Switchblade Kittens
Some punkish songs still carry hooks, kind of like the Go-Go's meets Babes in Toyland at a Ramones concert. But LA's Switchblade Kittens add some serious punch of their own design. Having two bassists lends a dose of gutsy power to the brash music with vocalist Drama's naughty little girl vocals putting a more popish touch to the tunes. Lyrics are often laced with wicked humor, and the rowdy send up of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" is a hoot! A healthy dose of unbridled, edgy party music. URL:

The Unsmashable Riffbrokers - Powerful Distraction
Currently residing in Seattle, this trio has a great sense for weaving modern rock styles into a furious musical machine. "Parking Fine" has the feel of Elvis Costello with a bit of Cheap Trick's harder riffing. "Eighty Sixed" turns more towards Brit poppers like Billy Bragg with a touch of a heartland feel. In spite of the various influences they funnel it into a signature vibe with a proper balance of gritty guitars and more tempered power folk feelings, conveying vocals that do seem like they would be more comfortable in London. URL: E-mail:

Autumn War - Memory
4507 Records - 8747405512
Suburban Chicago trio Autumn War puts the alt back in alt rock with this seven song debut. A very subtle jazzy groove injects a serious dose of life into "Cold. While "Sunlight"" is charged more with gritty guitar work, "There She Goes" sounds a bit grungy. The production is bare-bones, enhancing the songs that are strong both lyrically and vocally. Obvious thought was given to the writing here, with just the right blend of power cords, pop harmonics and driving rhythms, producing several radio possibilities including the title track. URL: E-mail:

Sherreece - Wings - 227230
This CD is six different mixes of the uplifting song "Wings," the first of which is a masterful weaving of pop, electronica, ethereal prog rock and Sherreece's passionate voice. The lyrics are spiritually oriented but do not preach over your head, rather they reach out to your soul and heart. Most of the mixes are more electronic and house-based, and they bring the message to earth in a language that many, especially younger listeners can understand and will hopefully heed. URL: E-mail:

Katrina Bishop - Runaway Lane
Grizelda Records - GR80200
British Columbia's Katrina Bishop paints a lush portrait of alt folk with touches of Celtic, rock, blues and other stylings. Two of the stronger tracks are "Blushing Bride" with its poignant lyrics and stellar fiddle work and "Nothing Could be Better," an ambient piano-fueled ballad which could be what Tori Amos would sound like if she grew up in Belfast. "Mr. Jealously" is a smoke-filled lounge broken hearted blues plea. Obvious songwriting talent and passions and a hot back up band as well. URL: E-mail:

Billy Rawlett - What's a Poor Boy to Do
Bullydog Music
Texan Billy Rawlett performs country music that is decidedly avant garde but has enough pop hooks to still get the big hat crowd dancing. Touches of blues and rock of the Sun Records era are melded with hillbilly country in the ballad "Reasons for Leaving" and the rollicking "Yes She's Mine." Think of old guard like Johnny Horton or Roy Acuff mixed with a hippie vibe ala Delbert McClinton and vocals more in tune with rock crooners. Strong songs that should be enjoyed by diverse country music fans. URL: E-mail:

Flipoff Pirates - Trillions of Voices
This Arkansas band drives a street-smart music machine lacing funk, hippie rock, jazz and even a touch of rap like vocals for a killer little effort. Think Royal Crescent Mob partying with Bad Brains at a Widespread Panic concert. Mellow vibes and funky wicked guitar fueled jazz are tempered by reggae blues scented with tasty instrumentations and sudden musical explosions. Solid musicians that take several comforting music styles and do strange and wonderful things with them. URL: E-mail:

Blue Muse - Break It Apart
Snarling guitar heavy hooks are tempered by the emotive but melodic voice of Cathey Baier on the lead track of this four song taste from Jersey City's Blue Muse. A bit Smashing Pumpkins, a touch of the Pretenders and maybe a sly nod towards Hammerbox are felt in the hard driving songs. "Burnt By the Sun" has a guttural power while "Anybody Out There" is more hook driven. Cathey's vocals work well with the slight musical personality veers threading it into a well-crafted effort. URL: E-mail:

Dodd Michael Lede - Whatever Happened to You
Sonic Smack Records
Dodd Michael Lede shows a solid feel for his native heartland and the ability to channel that into his songwriting. Heavy folk, country, rock and blues are funneled into a signature style that augments Dodd's powerful voice and emotion driven words. You can hear influences running the gamut from the Beatles to the Jayhawks to America, which just enough subtle crunch to give it a modern feel. With a tight and talented band backing him, Dodd may garner notice with this first effort. URL: E-mail:

Apartment - The Girl is Not Right
Unique instrumentation including cello, trumpet and upright bass are fueled with nods towards No Doubt and Patti Smith in the debut by this Chicago sextet. Touches of monster movie reggae and snarling ambient punk are the weird but cool vehicle for the vocals of Caila Lipovsky whose vocal personalities can be wounded cat one minute and bitchy teen punk the next. Musical embellishments pop up in unexpected locales with a strange but welcome artsy feel adding to the intrigue of the songs. URL: E-mail:

Chubb Sessions Band - My Life With the Time Vampires
Dirty River Records
A spoken word diatribe launches the sort of hooky, sort of pop-ish musical fun with a laid back boogie attitude. This is the predominant personality of this band, taking blues and various incarnations of rock and doing bizarre things with them in just the right doses to make it work. Listen to the hooky groove of "Daddy Drinks Because You Cry" and then you will realize that the main redeeming factor here is the darkly humorous lyrics. Will keep you interested and wryly smiling as well. URL: none listed E-mail:

Rude Rooster - self-titled
Kenosha, Wisconsin's Rude Rooster shows an ability to perform solid power alt rock with some interesting and unique touches. A gritty but harmonic vocal timbre that reminds me of Randy Bachman work well with the crunchy guitar rhythms and echoey psychedelic tinged solo work. "Once" has a good radio feel, with snappy hooks and a powerful chorus and "My Way Hy Way" is a guitar charged groove rocker. Adding bits of folk and classic rock and doing things just a bit different with the writing is a real plus here. URL: E-mail:

Katy Pfaffl - self-titled
Liilaa Records
Milwaukee's Katy Pfaffl will get your attention right from the first strains of "My Favorite Place." A bit Joni Mitchell and maybe a little Fiona Apple, Katy injects a sweet emotion into her touching and intense vocals. The music leans in the folk direction, with a more rootsy feel on tracks like "Mountains" and "Will You Remember" and a tilt towards jazzy rock on "Walk Away." The ethereal vibe and mostly uplifting lyrics are combined with Katy's incredibly passionate voice to great effect. URL: E-mail:

Josh Lederman & Los Diablos - It's a Long and Lonely Time Until the Train Brings You Home
Nine Mile Records - NMR 041
A killer band from Massachusetts with styles rooted more in the South and the West with a rumbling mix of bayou stomp blues, heartland country, bluegrass and a ballsy punk touch, kind of like what Cowboy Mouth does but a bit more brash and edgier. Slightly Tom Petty style vocals, and a modern slant to the lyrics which have a singer/songwriter vibe are combined with solid players and great instrumentation to produce a fresh voice in the world of alterna-country. URL: or E-mail:

Julia Macklin - Half Wild
Brooklyn singer/songwriter Julia Macklin provides a CD of luscious music with a mellow intensity and plenty of passion. Haunting acoustic tracks like "Say Goodbye" are mixed with more upbeat songs like the hooky "Who Said Anything." Julia's voice has wonderful timbre, with emotion barely controlled beneath the surface and unleashed in subtle amounts with a nice balance of innocence, sensuality and moodiness to augment the words that seem to emanate from dark corners of her soul. URL: E-mail:

Telefonics - Colour Delux
First full length CD by this Erie, Pennsylvania band has a heady mix of psychedelia, modern alt, pop punk and other styles, weaving influences as diverse as No Doubt, Velvet Underground, OMD and Jesus & Mary Chain. They do produce their own signature sound by experimenting in nontraditional instrumental embellishments backed by driving rhythms and throwing any songwriting constraints out the door. The results are a wild and weird romp with strong songs that tend to be a lot of fun. URL: E-mail:

Michael Staertow - Oxygen
Rochester, NY's Michael Staertow's solo album is a rather unique hybrid of melodic metal of the 80's vein and modern heavy alt rock. Soaring vocal work, bearing a passing resemblance to Joe Elliott, are perfectly combined with his fiery guitar riffs and grungy rhythms. The thundering lead track "Wastin' My Life Away" has a deliciously harmonic chorus, and "Elephant" has a slightly punk flavor. A versatile guitarist and stellar vocalist, Michael's songwriting finds a solid niche that many types of rockers should enjoy. URL: E-mail:

The Sullied - Meltdown
Singer/songwriter/guitarist Sully puts a slight progressive edge on this potent rock machine, particularly with his slightly gruff but emotive voice and the addition of one-time Kansas violinist David Ragsdale. Some songs drive brash power cords and pounding rhythms that are wrapped around dramatic passages, while other subtle directions include hard edged folk and Hendrix inspired blues. A true songsmith who uses all of his facilities to create music that is powerful in diverse ways. URL: E-mail:

Soundoctrine - Perseverance: The Soundtrack to a Non-Existent Movie
Niayana Recordings - CD001A
A lively mixture of jazz, R&B, progressive rock fusion and funk are the vehicle for the music created by composer Jere B and a talented cast of musicians. The snappy instrumental lead track "Incipience" leads to the funkified "Power" with intensely soulful lyrics stamping an exclamation point on the spiritually inspirational words. "Mirror" is a passionate ballad showing another side. Music of love, hope and faith in a wonderful musical format that can reach many straining ears. URL: E-mail:

Tedju - The Final Chapter
Knee Deep Inc.
Milwaukee rapper Tedjew "Tedju" Fraizer gives the world an intense first effort. With duet and harmonic rapping words ranging from the house party wild fun of "Boys and Girls" to the harsh street life perspectives of "Too Long." Whatever the subject, the words go straight for the jugular, but are also thought provoking, and the sampling and beats backing them up have unique stylings that enhance the vibe. Comparisons to Tupac and Jay-Z can be felt here. URL: E-mail:

The Owl and the Pussycat - Heart & Hands
Jim Erkiletian, Janette Briere and a host of other players provide a wonderful stew of bluegrass, blues, folk and traditional storytelling styles with unique and spicy flavorings. Jim's banjo prowess is obvious throughout the album, and the often whimsical stories told here hearken of Johnny Horton, Woody Guthrie and Peter, Paul and Mary. Even though the music is campfire tale intensive, the players are all stellar, making you want to listen again after you enjoy the words. URL: E-mail:

Kevin Kern - More Than Words: The Best of Kevin Kern
Real Music - RM2602
Veteran pianist Kevin Kern graces the world with a collection of his most beautiful music, along with two new tunes. Luscious and powerful new age flavored piano passages are flawlessly produced with a subtle string backdrop. The music soothes the mind and body but also keeps you enthralled by Kevin's talent. The new tracks; the breathtakingly dramatic "Out of the Darkness Into the Night" and the uplifting "Children at Play" show that Kevin's songwriting talent pool still runs quite deep. URL:

Eric Greene - self titled
Big E. Music - E69A68
North Carolina singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Eric Greene shows solid abilities with his debut solo CD. Playing nearly all the instruments and layering the harmonies, the sound is very well contrived, and weaving styles such as light rock, folk, Americana and country-fried blues. Think of a slightly mellowed mix of Allman Brothers, Steely Dan and Lyle Lovett with a more easy listening side to the vocals. Enjoyable music with a goodly amount of solid instrumental chops. URL: none E-mail:

Betty Dylan - American Trash
Daz Unlimited
Betty Dylan is the duo of Dan Dubelman and Vickie Lynne, and they have a country-rock hybrid with a punkish soul that has brash vocals, chunky rhythms and other stylings flavoring the mix. Vickie's classic country voice and Dan's more spoken word vocals are great foils when the music gets gritty, which is often; from the bawdy sax laced blues of "Violet Tracks" to the rollicking hard driving "Mr. Rock and Roll." These lyrics are firmly tongue in chew-laden cheek with a hearty dose of rowdy fun. URL: E-mail:

Dean - Just Another Dude from Montebello
Layla Records
Dean Acevedo puts a hooky pop slant onto Tex-Mex music. The Tex-Mex stylings are more subtle on "Girl You Drive Me Crazy" enhancing the groove which has a more alt-folk rock feel. The classic Tejano sound comes more to the forefront on "Como Friegas Mujer" and "Jail for Christmas" is a more country beerhall ballad. Add to this Dean's mournful voice and his darkly humorous words and if these five songs are any indication, he is someone to watch out for. E-mail:

Ripe - 3 song EP
This New York City band with three female vocalists has a very unique and refreshing idea on pop music. On the first track "Let's Fall in Love" the vocals are harmonic with a soaring quality and ambient prog rock instrumentation over a subtly pulsing beat. "I Believe" has a slight pop diva vibe with lead vocals closer to Joan Baez, and "Don't Go Back" is a luscious and hypnotic ballad. This is real music with excellent vocalists backed by real musicians, which gives it a healthy dose of life. URL: E-mail:

Trial and Error - Acoustic Melody Re-enactments
Supply and Demand Records
Seattle trio Trial and Error produce very intriguing instrumental music from a town more known for crunchy rock. Various ethnic flavorings such as Celtic and Middle Eastern pop up as well as various twists of classic guitar stylings. With strumming that sometimes approaches the likes of Pierre Bensusan, and other times more Leo Kottke with keyboard and string backdrops and bare-bones production, the result could be called new age folk, providing great emotion without words. URL: None E-mail: none

Eric Skye - Acoustic Jazz Guitar Solos
Blue Buddha Records
Interpreting music of jazz greats but with various ethnic folk stylings, blues and a bit of new age, Portland, Oregon area guitarist Eric Skye's licks are quite tasty. From lilting blues picking on "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" to the slightly flamenco-influenced "Black Orpheus" and the snappy take on "Autumn Leaves," Eric's fingers inject his own distinct personalities into the songs. Just a talented player and a guitar is all that is needed here for enjoyable music. URL: E-mail:

Mike Davids - Taste of Time
Gema - LC11153
Germany's Mike Davids gives a great little glimpse at his wonderful voice on this three song EP. Sung in English but with a trace of German accent that actually lends an interesting touch to the music, the tunes are on the easy listening side of the pop vein with a harkening towards early American rock standards. Dramatic and on the sweetly romantic side, Mike's music is a pleasing brand of nostalgia that could be enjoyed for different moods and occasions. E-mail:

Russ - Pieces
Pine Hill Records - 8234 9 30326 2 0
Russ Bonagura's voice reminds you of a fellow New Jerseyan Jon Bon Jovi, but his music is a bit more edgy and veers in several directions while keeping a more Brit alt rock feel. Jangly power chords drive "Bad News," a more contemporary folksy vibe is evident in "Angel By My Side" and "Inordinary Pain" has a crunchy psychedelic groove. Russ loops the styles together with his emotive vocal personalities and obvious songwriting talent. URL:

Kelly Buchanan - Match
Velvet Ear Records
The rock and roll here ranges from "Liar's" straight ahead hard-edge to the snappy groove of "Be My Jesus" and the smooth jazzy vibe on "Boy." But the power factor is added from this Boston lady's voice. From breathy pleads to scalded soul angst and innocent sensuality, Kelly has a potent vehicle for her words which are intelligent and written from the heart. With this mixture songs, solid hooks and a tight back up band, you have a viable musical force. URL:

Cirrus - Counterfeit
Moonshine Music - MM80174-2
The electronic and house beat punch of California's Cirrus is enhanced by real instrumentation melded with programming and various vocal works from passionate female to machine-like rapping. While a lot of electronica acts seem to be too cold and calculated, this music is very life intensive, with the programming being more of a back drop that augments what is really going on musically. You can still dance to it, but it is very listenable as well. URL: E-mail:

Gusgus - Attention
Moonshine Music - MM80177-2
Iceland's Gusgus sounds like what may have happened if Kraftwerk was around in the 90's and met Natalie Merchant at a Prodigy concert. The sultry vocals and snarling guitars are graced with hypnotic beats that pulse with a controlled but lively fervor. Interesting percussion and keyboard embellishments add extra fuel to this futuristic romp from the land of fire and ice, producing music that would be welcome at a smoke filled rave or on your living room stereo. URL: E-mail:

Jennifer Brantley - self titled
You don't hear as much from the lady singer/songwriters in Nashville as you do from their male peers, but Jennifer Brantley may change that if this six song debut is any indication. Her sweetly emotive voice that has a bit of an Emmy Lou Harris feel to it portrays the creatively poignant lyrics wonderfully. The songs are further embellished by just the right touch of musical backdrop and a nice weaving of Americana, folk and light rock styles with a subtle edge to them. URL: E-mail:

The Beers - The Beers Hotel
Toasted Records Ltd.
Rowdy punk laced alt rock from Missouri that makes you think of Run Westy Run and maybe a bit of Dead Kennedys. Growling, fuzzy guitars and gut-stomping beats drive the Iggy Pop like vocals and somewhat pissed-off lyrics. The thundering assault of "Never Be Free" is tempered by the hooky "Light Beer." Definitely on the retro side due to most of the influences coming from at least a decade ago, but they use their roots well and grow a huge tree of nasty musical fun from them. URL: E-mail:

Second Hand Poets - Afternoon in Aberdeen
The rollicking alt folk slant from this Chicago area trio makes you think a bit of a more country version of the Jayhawks while keeping the gutsy Midwestern vibe intact. Strong vocals help here, sometimes a bit Tom Petty, others more Bobby Bare Jr., the later influence giving the songs a slight but welcome edginess. The guitar picking is also stellar, with some ambient blue grass influences and good plain ole' folk strumming, and the songs are very likable with a laid-back fervor. URL: E-mail:

Protoculture - Intangible
This Vancouver rock act is an ear opening blend of rock styles with influences ranging from the Black Crowes to Stone Temple Pilots and Billy Bragg, featuring melodic vocals that really lace the music together. Hook laden power chords and driving rhythms are tempered by keyboard nuances and more acoustic driven passages resulting in very well-crafted music. Enough pop sound to garner wide spread attention with plenty of freshness and sharp songs to hold on to that attention. URL: E-mail:

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